Here are some fun videos: We have a semi-regular gig at a watering hole in Hallowell, Maine, "The Liberal Cup". Great food, drink, and a great crowd! One thing that took a little getting used to was that the band has to squeeze into this long narrow space where they normally play darts! We manage, but it's a little tough getting in and out. Click on any of these YouTube videos (or all at the same time if you want - arrrgghhh). (Be sure to pause the "automatic" audio track at the top of the page first)

Upcoming Events

  • Aug 19
    Brunswick Outdoor Arts Fest,  Brunswick
  • Sep 12
    Drummore Bay Concert Hall,  Phippsburg
  • Sep 24
    Common Ground Fair,  Unity
  • Oct 3
    Fryeburg Fair,  Fryeburg

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